For Maor Cohen, jewelry creation is about so much more than making beautiful objects; “I’m driven to breathe heart and soul into every one of my pieces,” he explains, surrounded by the tools of his trade in his eclectically furnished studio. “Each jewel I create with the intention that it becomes a part of its wearer and its wearer becomes a part of it.”
“At the age of 13, I began making and selling jewelry in my seaside village of about 94 families in the north of Israel by the sea, a scenery that gave me a lifelong connection with the ocean and nature.” A devoted surfer, Cohen took off In his early twenties for a yearlong surf sabbatical around the world. “Throughout that journey I carried a small box of wire, stones and charms so that I could create bracelets for the kindred spirits I encountered on my path.“

Landing in Los Angeles at the the end of his trip, Cohen quickly realized Southern California was home. “One day, after I’d settled in Los Angeles, I rediscovered the jewelry box that I’d carried around the world.” Rekindling his passion for craftsmanship and creation, Cohen soon found himself inspired to make jewels for friends around Los Angeles.

Within just a few years, Cohen opened a flagship showroom in Los Angeles’ burgeoning West 3rd Street shopping district with designs that quickly attracted people like Johnny Depp, Madonna, Chris Hemsworth and David Beckham; plus collaborations with internationally renowned design icons. “Looking back, it’s amazing to see how the energy of those first bracelets I made as gifts for friends organically grew into what is now”

Maor Cohen

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Welcome to a collection handcrafted for dreamers, lovers and creators who live life with their cards on the table. Individuals who play the game of life all in, impeccably imperfect in the reality that the now is all there ever is. Perpetually in motion, these seekers travel the world on a journey to know themselves better, making their biggest statements with the fewest words.

At MAOR, we strive to imbue each and every piece to embody the idea that opposition is an illusion. With the earth’s most precious stones and metals as our muses, we synthesize something entirely new: a cosmologically inspired collaboration with the universe. Informed by the notion that all creation flows from one source as a manifestation of nature’s energy, we seek to create a yin and yang between the organic and the analytical, believing that form and function are one, existing in perfect harmony.